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Sunday Spirals!

A large low pressure area swirls off the southeastern coast of Iceland.  Picture from Schools Wikipedia

A large low pressure area swirls off the southeastern coast of Iceland. Picture from Schools Wikipedia

Seeing a spiral like this will make you want to run for shelter and batten down the hatches!  Cyclones are winds rotating inwards to an area of low barometric pressure.  They can also be known as hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, typhoons, etc.  As the names suggest they are responsible for stormy, and often destructive weather.

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MAN OVERBOARD – Oh it’s OK, it’s just a rubber duck! Or is it a Lego Octopus!

Rubber duck and tall ships, and Lego octopus

Over the last few week’s I have been following a Facebook Page about Lego lost at sea and the places that it has washed ashore.  The Lego pieces were being carried by the Tokyo Express, which was hit by a huge wave, washing 62 containers overboard, 20 miles off the Cornish coast in 1997 – 18 years ago.  This resulted in nearly 5 million Lego pieces, that were being shipped to New York, falling into the sea!  Ironically the pieces that were lost at sea were mainly of a sea theme – such things as oars, air tanks and scuba gear (97,500), octopus (4,200), life rafts, flippers (418,000), ships rigging (26,400), life preservers (26,600)… along with 33,000 dragons, 353,000 daisys, plus some other bits and pieces of Lego. Now these pieces have slowly been coming ashore at different places across the world and there have been recent finds (i.e. as at the beginning of March 2015) in France, the Channel Islands, Netherlands, the USA, as well as along the coast of Cornwall.  There has even been a report of a flipper, believed to have been from the Tokyo Express, found in Melbourne!  Continue reading

Feeling a little like Dorothy! Ponderings during a storm

Weather map

Weather map from Northern Ireland Weather

I live between the 2nd and 3rd orange line from the top

Sitting here at 9 pm, waiting for the hubby to arrive home from work and the wind is howling around the house, or more accurately growling around the house in a tumultuous temper.  Ever so often there is a wild and noisy gust that feels like it will shake the house from its foundations and send it flying into the air, me within like Dorothy, off to see the Wizard of Oz. Oh think of the possibilities – I could meet the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion for a lovely walk along the yellow brick road and finish the day by chucking a bucket of water over the wicked witch to finish her off once and for all! Then tap my red shoes together to return right on home.

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