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San Francisco – A Trip Of A Lifetime

For months I have researched and planned, adjusted, planned some more, and double checked my research. I’ve emailed hotels, attractions, restaurants, cocktail bars, transport and local government, all on a fact finding mission to figure out if, how, and is it possible. I’ve been excited, down hearted, optimistic, resourceful, determined, frustrated, and now here I am with 2 sleeps to go before my trip off a lifetime, itching to get on that first flight to a bucket list trip filled to the brim and overflowing with what I believe will be one of the most diverse and exciting trips I’ve ever been on.

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Summer may have arrived in Northern Ireland


How long it will last we will never know, it will probably be gone by this afternoon!  Making the most of it by blogging in the garden.  The bees are buzzing around the flowers and there is so much bird activity, it really makes for a nice place to relax.  I am trying to recover spoons spent yesterday going out to one of my favourite little harbours at Groomsport.  If you are out and about today in the sun remember the sun cream!

Give and Take – A post about the contrast of two things – or several two things!

The chink of cups, the coffee grinder, the gush of boiling water into a teapot, general chit chat going on all around.  I am waiting for a friend to arrive.  I am exhausted from the sleepless nights I have had tossing and turning because of the pain, however I have made it here today, to spend some time with a friend.  This is most difficult to do especially when everything takes so much more energy than it used to.

Here she is, she has just arrived, flouncing in with her pretty dress on and summer high heels, looking beautiful as ever – make up perfect, nails done, and not a hair out of place.  Late as usual, hey I don’t mind at least I have been able to sit and wait just inside the cafe.  Continue reading

Cancelled plans and the art of saying “no!”


Today I had to let someone down.  It is not something I like doing, nor something I take pride in, it simply is just something that goes along with the territory of living in chronic pain.

Over the last few weeks I have been unwell with other issues alongside the CRPS and Fibromyalgia.  Issues that are no doubt linked to both of these but still need investigating by the medical profession.  During that time I have continued to try to live life the way I have done for the last number of years, attempting to ignore the pain and these additional issues – believing that I could pace myself as I usually do, managing the pressures of everyday life without having any more of an adverse effect on me than usual.  WRONG! Wrong! So very, very wrong! (shakes head at my own stupidity).   Continue reading

Spoons, Beans and the Science of Crash Calculations!

I have mentioned the Spoon Theory before, however I came across this lovely little visual piece that uses beans.  Although the writer of this piece mentions CFS this can be applied to other medical conditions such as CRPS, Fibromyalgia, etc. too.   Continue reading

Flares and Pacing

To flare, or not to flare

No I am not on about the types of flares you find on a boat for sending up in times of distress, although they might come in handy because having a flare feels like you are sinking!  I am talking about the distressful type of flare that everyone with chronic pain can relate to –  Continue reading