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I recently had a birthday and this was by far the best birthday card!


I received many birthday cards recently for my birthday a few days ago; I would like to thank everyone for remembering my birthday and thinking of me enough to send me a birthday card, they have all been lovely.  This one though I will truly cherish as it was created by my son using the exact same pink colours from my blog (although they look different in this photo),  I am so pleased with it.   Thank you son for putting thought and effort into making me smile on my birthday x

Flares and Pacing

To flare, or not to flare

No I am not on about the types of flares you find on a boat for sending up in times of distress, although they might come in handy because having a flare feels like you are sinking!  I am talking about the distressful type of flare that everyone with chronic pain can relate to –  Continue reading