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To spa or not to spa, that is the question

Spa weekend, photo of front of hotel with red carpet leading up the steps to the front door

Spa weekend at the Slieve Russell Hotel.  Our room was on the top floor – the one with the arched window.

A few months ago I got it into my head that I wanted to go on a spa weekend with my hubby for our anniversary.  Hubby wasn’t overly keen, however with a bit of work, he finally agreed to give it a go.  I wasn’t sure if I would benefit from it due to the pain of CRPS and the rest of my medical issues.  I was worried that massage would hurt too much or that I would not manage the additional moving around to use the facilities to the full benefit. Continue reading



Reflection and relaxation before laying down to sleep is important for everyone and helps bring the day peacefully to close. A great bed time ritual to practice and certainly good advice.



Good advice before going to sleep at night.

Sitting on the side of your bed or lying down in bed, take a few minutes and bring your attention to your breathing. Allow yourself to notice any underlying mood or energy that is running, expanding your awareness into them, bringing them into focus with a sense of allowing and acceptance. Gradually release them, little by little, as you let each breath out. Become aware of any thoughts and feelings that are about with curiosity and kindness, and also let them go, bit by bit, with each out-breath. Once your mind is calmer, expand your attention into the body with each breath. Allow yourself to relax with a sense of acceptance and ease, as you prepare to go to sleep. This is the end of your day, a time to gain rest and nourishment. Mindfully put down all of…

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Reflection on a whole year of blogging


WordPress Happy Anniversary Badge

It has now been a whole year since I began blogging.  In fact just over a year. Where has that year gone?  Time certainly flies as you get older! Continue reading

Do not disturb I am floating today – I wish!


Have you ever tried flotation therapy?  I did for the first time about five or six weeks ago.  I was very apprehensive about going, I am not good at trying things new especially when I have little knowledge of what to expect. Continue reading