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MY TALL SHIPS RACE JOURNAL DAY 13 – (16/07/2015) – Painfully exhausted, crew parade and our penguin is kidnapped!


Exhausted and agony are not strong enough words for how I feel today.  I think the climb really took its toll on my body and even with the additional pain I am enduring I would not have changed my decision yesterday to climb as high as the second yard.  I got higher than I ever did before and I am so proud of my achievement.  The pain and fatigue will never take that achievement away from me because I did it.  I could not have done it though without the permanent crew of Nellie and all the voyage crew that hung onto the rope to take my weight.  It would have been different if I was sat here in pain and to not have done the climb then I would have regrets about not pushing through, however I did do what I set out to achieve so how can I possibly have regrets.  I just need to find a way to get through today as my energy levels are running very low and I am determined not to miss any of the action today. Continue reading

Reflection on a whole year of blogging


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It has now been a whole year since I began blogging.  In fact just over a year. Where has that year gone?  Time certainly flies as you get older! Continue reading

not your typical lost animal advertisement

Aw poor penguin

drawer of stuff

earlier this week, a baby emperor penguin (gender unidentified) was discovered on peka peka beach. experts are of the opinion that the penguin had taken a wrong turn whilst hunting squid and krill, leaving it stranded 2000 miles away from home.

Part II of the Peka Peka Beach Penguin Adventures

After Peka Peka Penguin was nursed, fattened, he was released into the wild on September 4. No transmissions have been received from peka peka penguin since friday, september 9.

Scientists reckon he may have been eaten.

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A room with a view

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

The full poem “Ulysses” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson by clicking on the picture.

There is a beautiful isolated silence in this place of mysterious stunning beauty.  Though it is so beautiful, it is also very foreboding being one of the most severe natural environments on Earth.  There is a unique danger that lurks in this place where temperatures can drop to -80°C that make you truly respect the wonderful elements of this amazing place and those that have visited and explored here.  Continue reading

Feeling honoured – 2nd award today – The Liebster Award – Discover new blogs!


This notification from Crazy Spoonie Life

“I just nominated you for an award. See https://crazyspoonielife.wordpress.com/2015/04/02/awards/

was not just for one award it was for two – so a big thank you to Crazy Spoonie Life for both of the nominations.  I decided to split the awards across two posts as they were merging into each other and were not too easy to read or distinguish between the two.   Continue reading

The Miracle of Evolution – A penguin colony that can fly!

As you all know I love penguins and whilst looking for a specific piece of penguin footage, which I couldn’t find, I came across this utterly amazing film about a very rare colony of Adelie penguins on King George Island.  It is a film made by the BBC and I would never have thought what they filmed could ever be possible.

Being a lover of Penguins, I could not resist posting this today.

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Henry The Penguin Waddles Far From Home

A little Sunday penguin story. Glad to see Henry is being looked after well

Penguin Place Post

The Penguin Post has learned that a rare penguin found wandering hundreds of miles from home is now en route back to the sea near where he hails from. The rare penguin in question is a Fiordland Crested Penguin from southern New Zealand named Henry was found wandering around the center of Akaroa, a town near Christchurch, New Zealand about three weeks ago.   Christchurch is located about two thirds of the way up New Zealand’s southern main island, and when discovered Henry was not only hungry and thirsty. He was moulting.11401516 Kevin Parthonnaud who first discovered the wayward penguin said Henry, who evaded capture at first, had been staying in his garden in Akoura.  Fiordland Crested Penguins, are classified as “endangered”, and are one of the rarest penguin species in the world. Their breeding range extends from south Westland to Fiordland, and on islands in the Foveaux Strait and Stewart…

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