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Que Será, Será – Whatever will be, will be


I read a blog the other day and it got me thinking about how often I have replayed in my mind the day of my accident in 2008 where an innocent walk with the dog and family on a nearby beach turned into a hospital visit with a dislocated ankle and a fracture.  I had two options that day, two paths to follow, two routes to take – I had a choice.

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How would you feel if the shops were closed!


This is a little concerning.  It is bad enough already trying to get an accessible space without this bus ruling having an effect on parking too! I think the judge had limited knowledge of the effect this ruling will have on disabled people in general and I still believe that everyone should undergo some sort of disability awareness training to make them aware of the issues faced by disabled people on a daily basis. Maybe if this judge had tried accessing public transport using a wheelchair then maybe the outcome of the case would have been different.

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