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My lost Christmas spirit


A time of joy to the world, happiness and peace on earth. The fairytale romance of Christmas, however the reality for many is completely different for many different reasons. I’ll leave you to reflect on these reasons in your own time either now or when you finish reading my blog.

I have no shame to admit that I’m struggling more this year, mentally, emotionally and physically. Unlike last Christmas, this year I have lost my Christmas spirit for some reason. Lost the excitement of the season to be jolly. I’ve been half heartedly going through the motions.

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2016 – a year in brief

I haven’t written a blog post for such a long time.  Life just seems to be so busy, especially during the last year, or I have overdone things and not felt like writing.  It has been quite a challenging year with some of the challenges carried forward into this year, however I am determined to not allow this to take over my life.  It has not all been doom and gloom, although it has felt it often, several good things have come from 2016 , from life in general and also from the challenges last year. Continue reading

Reflection on a whole year of blogging


WordPress Happy Anniversary Badge

It has now been a whole year since I began blogging.  In fact just over a year. Where has that year gone?  Time certainly flies as you get older! Continue reading

MY TALL SHIPS RACE JOURNAL – Reflecting on the beginning!

I started my blog eight months ago with this post – Good Afternoon.  It was pretty much a lame piece of writing when I look at how far my blog has come on, and what I write about now.  I was rather timid and scared of putting my thoughts out there.  Was not sure what to write, or what to include.  Whether the subject matter would interest others or whether my blog would go unnoticed out there on the big World Wide Web.  I was dabbling in the blogging world for the very first time, not even sure if it was quite right for me, or right for the reason why I started it. Continue reading

Tall Ships Belfast Parade of Sail


Belfast Lough – parade of sail 2009

I wrote this in advance of the Parade of Sail which will be happening today.

Six years ago I stood on the end of the harbour wall in Carrickfergus and watched the ships do their parade of sail out on Belfast Lough after a fabulous Tall Ships Race festival.  This was the last time that the tall ships came in en masse after a race across the Atlantic to Belfast. Continue reading

My three songs – plus some!

Today’s Writing 101 assignment stumped me for a short while.  I have never been good at plucking my best 3 songs, or best 3 reads or best of anything out of thin air, nor the most important in that respect either.  I am able to to tell you the most important people in my life – I won’t name them here as that would be unfair to them but in general they are my immediate and close family – this includes those that are still with us and those that have sadly passed away over the years, and a handful of very close friends.  Of course, two of the most important people in my life include my husband and son.

Moving on to the assignment in hand; after reading the brief several times over and still reading ‘the best songs’ and not ‘important songs’ for most of those times – I was able to finally narrow my extensive song list down to three – well kind of three!  Read on to find out more.  Continue reading

Brig Match Race 2004 – Prince William -v- Stavros S Niarchos

Prince William and Stavros S Niarchos moored in Portsmouth

Prince William (nearest vessel) and Stavros S Niarchos moored in Plymouth before the Brig Match races in 2004

In 2004 I took part in a race between two tall ships – the Prince William and Stavros S Niarchos. It was this race that set my dream in motion – to take part in The Tall Ships Races, racing against many other sailing vessels.  Continue reading

The Three T’s – Tiredness, Taking of blood, and a Tall ship to brighten the day!

“Life is just what it is - a long road trip that sometimes has bumps and sometimes doesn't. Either way, you just gotta keep rollin' along.”  ― Rebecca Holland

What a beautiful spring day we are having here in Northern Ireland – the sun is bright, there are big billowing white clouds, the temperature has been the warmest for what seems a long while and the daffodils are out.  I started the day with not wanting to get up because I am so tired after several nights of my sleep being disturbed more than usual, however in true “push myself” fashion I was up at 6:30 am. After all staying in bed is a waste of a day even if I am feeling fatigued and exhausted.   Continue reading

My Tall Ship Adventures – Going aloft and overcoming fear

Inspired by Bucket List Publications – Catching sight of the shore from Bark Europa


The fear of going aloft on a tall ship is immense.  It is a true challenge, especially if you don’t like heights.  One of life’s opportunities that if you get it, go for it!  I read a blog last night which is a brilliantly written piece about the experience and feelings that a person goes through when going aloft on a tall ship.  The more I read, the more I was gripped, and the more vivid my memories of going aloft came back to me – it inspired me to write about my experience, to note those feelings, celebrate the achievements, and put on record my aspirations for the future.

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