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Challenge Yourself – inspired by MSy Thought For The Day


Picture borrowed from MSy Thought for the Day

This blog post was inspired by another blog that I follow MSy Thought for the Day where the picture above had been used.  It got me thinking about the simple everyday challenges that people face when living with chronic illness or in chronic pain like myself.
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My Tall Ship Adventures – Going aloft and overcoming fear

Inspired by Bucket List Publications – Catching sight of the shore from Bark Europa


The fear of going aloft on a tall ship is immense.  It is a true challenge, especially if you don’t like heights.  One of life’s opportunities that if you get it, go for it!  I read a blog last night which is a brilliantly written piece about the experience and feelings that a person goes through when going aloft on a tall ship.  The more I read, the more I was gripped, and the more vivid my memories of going aloft came back to me – it inspired me to write about my experience, to note those feelings, celebrate the achievements, and put on record my aspirations for the future.

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Que Será, Será – Whatever will be, will be


I read a blog the other day and it got me thinking about how often I have replayed in my mind the day of my accident in 2008 where an innocent walk with the dog and family on a nearby beach turned into a hospital visit with a dislocated ankle and a fracture.  I had two options that day, two paths to follow, two routes to take – I had a choice.

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Inspirational Lady


I hate seeing anyone suffer especially the lovely lady, Hayley, who inspired me to write this blog. Hayley is so inspirational with her writing even with the pain of CRPS, and has a knack of writing exactly how it all feels.  She verbalises feelings and emotions through her writing that make you stop and think “I am not alone with this crazy disease” and “these feelings are normal”.

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