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My lost Christmas spirit


A time of joy to the world, happiness and peace on earth. The fairytale romance of Christmas, however the reality for many is completely different for many different reasons. I’ll leave you to reflect on these reasons in your own time either now or when you finish reading my blog.

I have no shame to admit that I’m struggling more this year, mentally, emotionally and physically. Unlike last Christmas, this year I have lost my Christmas spirit for some reason. Lost the excitement of the season to be jolly. I’ve been half heartedly going through the motions.

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Wishing you a merry Christmas


Merry Christmas and thank you for taking time to read my blog over the last few weeks.

I hope that you have spent precious time with family and friends today and have received all you have wished for.  For those of you who suffer chronic pain like myself I hope that you have had a low pain day and enough spoons to enable you to enjoy the festivities with your loved ones.

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Christmas Shopping, Baking, and Forgetting to Pace!


Well, what a day.   Definitely did not use the art of pacing today!  There is always so much to do at this time of year, from shopping, to baking, to going out with friends and family.  I started out with good intentions and I am pleased to say I succeeded with almost all of them, however I am suffering now with pain and exhaustion!

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Christmas, Chronic Pain and Spoons


I love Christmas.  I love the sparkling lights, the fragility of glass baubles, the ancient decorations that are older than me, the tradition of decorating the tree or in my case trees!  I also like the moments of reflection – good or bad experiences that have come before, thinking how grateful I am for what I have, thinking about my family and fun times, and all the great memories Christmas invokes.  I also now think of what I could do at this time of year prior to 6 years ago and what I can (or rather can’t) do now.

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