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Reflection on a whole year of blogging


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It has now been a whole year since I began blogging.  In fact just over a year. Where has that year gone?  Time certainly flies as you get older! Continue reading

Missing from blogging – a quick update


I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and never got round to publishing it.  I wasn’t quite ready to hit the blogging world with a blog entry at the time, however I thought it important to write a blog post for potential publishing at a later date.  I am glad to say that today is the day that I feel like publishing this particular blog.  Please bear in mind that this was written a couple of weeks ago and I have moved on a little since writing this, an update will be at the end. Continue reading

MY TALL SHIPS RACE JOURNAL – Reflecting on the beginning!

I started my blog eight months ago with this post – Good Afternoon.  It was pretty much a lame piece of writing when I look at how far my blog has come on, and what I write about now.  I was rather timid and scared of putting my thoughts out there.  Was not sure what to write, or what to include.  Whether the subject matter would interest others or whether my blog would go unnoticed out there on the big World Wide Web.  I was dabbling in the blogging world for the very first time, not even sure if it was quite right for me, or right for the reason why I started it. Continue reading

Thank you for 200 Likes


I can’t believe I have received 200 likes on my blog posts – thank you to everyone who has clicked like, and to all those that have taken time to post a comment and follow my blog in general.  I am glad you have been enjoying my blog.

If you have clicked like today you may be wondering if yours was the 200th like – it was in fact Sarcoidosis Soldier – a blog written by a lady who has a rare disease called sarcoidosis, she writes the blog as a way of coping with chronic illness (very much like myself in that respect) and she has two adorable Old English Sheepdogs, who (like my own pooch) bring her comfort, joy and laughter – pop along and take a look at her blog.

Again thank you to everyone who follow my blog here on WordPress.  Also thank you to all those followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Hope your day is as sunshiny and beautiful as mine here in Northern Ireland

50 Shades of Posts and Followers!


Today I posted my 50th blog post and I also reached my 50th follower, both on the same day – how weird is that!  I could not resist the ’50 Shades’ reference with all the ’50 Shades of Grey’ stuff knocking around the news and social media lately.  I would like to thank everyone who has followed my blog, I never expected to get 10 followers let alone 50 in my first 4 months of blogging!  I am completely honoured to have so many people enjoy my blog, and that it appeals to such a broad spectrum of followers at that.  I would also like to thank those that pop in for a visit on individual blog posts, I am pleased my writing is reaching out to you, and hopefully you will enjoy my blog enough to become followers too.

Thank you everyone!