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A strictly come dancing style night to raise money for the Northern Ireland Hospice

Do you like strictly? Are you willing to give to a good cause? The Northern Ireland Hospice!  Then read on.

Nicola and David are two lovely people that I work with.  They, along with several other dancing couples from work, have put in tons of hard work and dedication over the last 8 or so weeks in their own time to learn 2 dances for a night of strictly style entertainment for charity – the northern Ireland hospice.  Some have even endured injuries and humiliation, spotty dog David being one that has endured both!

All of this hard work is in aid of raising money towards funding a bedroom in the new purpose built hospice due to open in May 2016.  The race is now on to generate the remaining 1.5 million needed to complete the project.

I will be supporting Nicola and David on the night.  Why not support them today by donating to their just giving page and spreading this blog so your friends can donate too.

If they don’t win the dance competition, let’s make them the couple that raises the most money!

Click here to visit their Just Giving page

Please give generously

PS to all the other dancers you are all fantastic!

Want to know more about the Northern Ireland Hospice then click here

MY TALL SHIPS RACE JOURNAL DAY 2 – (05/07/2015) – Awake before the wake up call, finding footrests everywhere, and our first sails are set


Luckily hubby and I were not needed on watch last night which meant that after the fireworks we were able to settle down for a first full night’s sleep on board.  Thanks go out to the watch members who did have to get up for harbour watch between 4 am and 8 am.   Continue reading

MY TALL SHIPS RACE JOURNAL DAY 1 (04/07/2015) – Loads of luggage, scary steep gangway and I break the ship!


Well what a day.  Finished our packing first thing this morning and headed to the Belfast docks.  A journey of about half an hour seemed to go by really slowly yet in the blink of an eye we were there.  I am feeling very nervous, wondering how we will get on.   Continue reading

MY TALL SHIPS RACE JOURNAL – Reflecting on the beginning!

I started my blog eight months ago with this post – Good Afternoon.  It was pretty much a lame piece of writing when I look at how far my blog has come on, and what I write about now.  I was rather timid and scared of putting my thoughts out there.  Was not sure what to write, or what to include.  Whether the subject matter would interest others or whether my blog would go unnoticed out there on the big World Wide Web.  I was dabbling in the blogging world for the very first time, not even sure if it was quite right for me, or right for the reason why I started it. Continue reading

Tall Ships Belfast Parade of Sail


Belfast Lough – parade of sail 2009

I wrote this in advance of the Parade of Sail which will be happening today.

Six years ago I stood on the end of the harbour wall in Carrickfergus and watched the ships do their parade of sail out on Belfast Lough after a fabulous Tall Ships Race festival.  This was the last time that the tall ships came in en masse after a race across the Atlantic to Belfast. Continue reading

Ooops! When over excitement causes severe exhaustion!

The Gobbins - tall ships

View from The Gobbins today (01/07/2015). The very faint grey blobs on the horizon are a couple of tall ships, can’t really see them on the photo however I know they were there!

Well people, today the excitement bubbled over.  Not only did I go and get my hair all chopped so it will be easier to manage on my trip, I also picked my holiday money up and this really drummed it in that I would be soon be off on my travels.  What really got me excited though was spotting three tall ships out on the Irish sea near to the entrance of Belfast Lough on my trip to the hairdressers.  I took the same route as yesterday and although visibility wasn’t at its best I was able to see them on the horizon.  Guess what?  One of them was Lord Nelson so I was even more super excited.  I know I am very sad, but I have loved tall ships since my first voyage back 17 years ago on Sir Winston Churchill and I don’t think I will lose my excitement at seeing them.  It is just my excitement is even more this year with what is happening tomorrow and then of course my voyage of a lifetime that is fast coming up.   Continue reading