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My three songs – plus some!

Today’s Writing 101 assignment stumped me for a short while.  I have never been good at plucking my best 3 songs, or best 3 reads or best of anything out of thin air, nor the most important in that respect either.  I am able to to tell you the most important people in my life – I won’t name them here as that would be unfair to them but in general they are my immediate and close family – this includes those that are still with us and those that have sadly passed away over the years, and a handful of very close friends.  Of course, two of the most important people in my life include my husband and son.

Moving on to the assignment in hand; after reading the brief several times over and still reading ‘the best songs’ and not ‘important songs’ for most of those times – I was able to finally narrow my extensive song list down to three – well kind of three!  Read on to find out more.  Continue reading

Dawn – It is a crescendo of musical delight

“Sunrise Behind Tree” by  Sura Nualpradid at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Sunrise Behind Tree”
Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A Crescendo of Musical Delight

I find dawn to be a most magical part of the day.  

The moment where the deepest, darkest night slowly eases itself into daylight.  

The moment where the bitter cold of the last hour before dawn slowly increases in temperature as the light intensifies.

All this brings the world to life from the deep, dark silence that exists through the night.

Little flurries of activity from animals and birds alike.  

Up with the dawn!  

As the light intensifies and the temperature rises so do the birds.

It only takes one to start the song then the rest join in – blackbirds, thrushes, sparrows, crows, wood pigeons, doves – plus many, many more.  

The dawn chorus – such a wonderful musical accompaniment to bring in the new day ahead.  

It is a crescendo of musical delight!AAA-Signature

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With another year nearly over what will be the highs and lows that you will reflect on as we move steadily towards New Years Eve and the beginning of 2015. Continue reading