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Cloud, cloud go away, come again another day – wishing for clear skies tonight!

Aurora Borealis photo taken in America a few hours ago – published on one of my favourite Facebook pages – Celestial Light: Irish Aurora Hunters Homepage

I wouldn’t normally post more than a couple of blogs in a day, I tend to do a lot of writing and then schedule posts to come up over a few days when I am unable to blog. ¬†However, this was too much of a biggie to not blog about, especially as this is happening now.

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Tulip Staircase

What a beautiful staircase, I am sure you will agree. I find I can get fixated on staircases like this one, not only for their beauty, but for the wish to climb them! I can barely climb a standard flight of stairs, so to get to the top of these would be like climbing Mount Everest to me! However to lie at the bottom and get lost in thought by looking up – I could do that easily.