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Reflection on a whole year of blogging


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It has now been a whole year since I began blogging.  In fact just over a year. Where has that year gone?  Time certainly flies as you get older! Continue reading

Cloud, cloud go away, come again another day – wishing for clear skies tonight!

Aurora Borealis photo taken in America a few hours ago – published on one of my favourite Facebook pages – Celestial Light: Irish Aurora Hunters Homepage

I wouldn’t normally post more than a couple of blogs in a day, I tend to do a lot of writing and then schedule posts to come up over a few days when I am unable to blog.  However, this was too much of a biggie to not blog about, especially as this is happening now.

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Aurora Borealis


Reading Aurora Borealis Infatuation set me thinking about an evening when I was 15 or 16 years of age and out with my friends for a walk.  An age when computers and Google did not exist, and what I learnt was from books or documentaries on TV.  This particular evening was very special, it was the first time that I ever saw the Aurora Borealis.

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