Thank you for 200 Likes


I can’t believe I have received 200 likes on my blog posts – thank you to everyone who has clicked like, and to all those that have taken time to post a comment and follow my blog in general.  I am glad you have been enjoying my blog.

If you have clicked like today you may be wondering if yours was the 200th like – it was in fact Sarcoidosis Soldier – a blog written by a lady who has a rare disease called sarcoidosis, she writes the blog as a way of coping with chronic illness (very much like myself in that respect) and she has two adorable Old English Sheepdogs, who (like my own pooch) bring her comfort, joy and laughter – pop along and take a look at her blog.

Again thank you to everyone who follow my blog here on WordPress.  Also thank you to all those followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Hope your day is as sunshiny and beautiful as mine here in Northern Ireland

When plans change


I wanted to write a blog post today, however I had a bad case of writer’s block!  I didn’t know what to write about, I had no inspiration, no light bulb moments, nothing – so I pottered around on the internet.

My inspiration came!

Instead of writing a blog post (well apart from this one), I decided to revamp two pages I had hastily put up a couple of weeks ago when I was experimenting and getting started with my blog.  I had not been happy with them at the start and the more I have written in my blog and grown in confidence, the more I have wanted to change a couple of things.  Although my plans changed with my writing today, it has ended up better and I have achieved more.

You may have looked at these two pages previously and I ask you to take a look at them again.  See what you think.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed writing them today – just click on the links below:

About Me

CRPS – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

I would also like to take a moment to thank you for following my blog, and liking and commenting on my posts.

Learning more about WordPress

Well I have been playing with WordPress for a few weeks and have taught myself a lot just by clicking in and out of the different pages and menus. Today, when I logged in from my laptop a little tutorial piece popped – Learn WordPress – and I am slowly making my way through this, learning a bit more along the way. I don’t suppose I will end up knowing it all, however I am now a little more up to speed with what I am actually doing and what it all means.  I am surprised just how much I have taught myself just by having the confidence to play with all of the options.  For any newbies to blogging on WordPress I would recommend you check out the Learn WordPress page – lots of useful information.

Busy Blogging Day

With Christmas practically being over, all bar the decorations coming down, and with the husband out at work – boo, I thought I would have a bit more of a play with WordPress and my blog – mainly to teach myself a few more things.  What a productive day I have had!

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Good Afternoon

Dear Reader

I am trying to get my head around blogging sites and wondering which would be best to use.  I am embarking on a trip of a lifetime in July where I will be disconnected from social media, Internet, and even the phone for part of the trip.  I want to be able to blog offline then post when I am back online to document this fantastic opportunity.  I have had a little look at Tumblr and now I am taking a look at WordPress.  A lot of my online friends are using WordPress so I am figuring will this be the better option for me with what I need to be able to do.   I will be having a little play on both to see how they fair with ease of use etc.  If any of you have any thoughts then please feel free to comment.  Bye for now.