Reflection on a whole year of blogging


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It has now been a whole year since I began blogging.  In fact just over a year. Where has that year gone?  Time certainly flies as you get older! Continue reading

not your typical lost animal advertisement

Aw poor penguin

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earlier this week, a baby emperor penguin (gender unidentified) was discovered on peka peka beach. experts are of the opinion that the penguin had taken a wrong turn whilst hunting squid and krill, leaving it stranded 2000 miles away from home.

Part II of the Peka Peka Beach Penguin Adventures

After Peka Peka Penguin was nursed, fattened, he was released into the wild on September 4. No transmissions have been received from peka peka penguin since friday, september 9.

Scientists reckon he may have been eaten.

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The Miracle of Evolution – A penguin colony that can fly!

As you all know I love penguins and whilst looking for a specific piece of penguin footage, which I couldn’t find, I came across this utterly amazing film about a very rare colony of Adelie penguins on King George Island.  It is a film made by the BBC and I would never have thought what they filmed could ever be possible.

Being a lover of Penguins, I could not resist posting this today.

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Henry The Penguin Waddles Far From Home

A little Sunday penguin story. Glad to see Henry is being looked after well

Penguin Place Post

The Penguin Post has learned that a rare penguin found wandering hundreds of miles from home is now en route back to the sea near where he hails from. The rare penguin in question is a Fiordland Crested Penguin from southern New Zealand named Henry was found wandering around the center of Akaroa, a town near Christchurch, New Zealand about three weeks ago.   Christchurch is located about two thirds of the way up New Zealand’s southern main island, and when discovered Henry was not only hungry and thirsty. He was moulting.11401516 Kevin Parthonnaud who first discovered the wayward penguin said Henry, who evaded capture at first, had been staying in his garden in Akoura.  Fiordland Crested Penguins, are classified as “endangered”, and are one of the rarest penguin species in the world. Their breeding range extends from south Westland to Fiordland, and on islands in the Foveaux Strait and Stewart…

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Penguin Love on Valentines Day

Belfast Zoo posted this on their Facebook page and I could not resist sharing it here on my blog.

Penguin love

Forget diamonds, in the penguin world it’s all about the pebbles! Not just any pebbles, male Gentoo Penguins search for the smoothest ones to present to his chosen companion. If the female accepts the pebble and places it in her nest, she has accepted the male penguin as her mate!

Happy valentines day everyone!