When plans change


I wanted to write a blog post today, however I had a bad case of writer’s block!  I didn’t know what to write about, I had no inspiration, no light bulb moments, nothing – so I pottered around on the internet.

My inspiration came!

Instead of writing a blog post (well apart from this one), I decided to revamp two pages I had hastily put up a couple of weeks ago when I was experimenting and getting started with my blog.  I had not been happy with them at the start and the more I have written in my blog and grown in confidence, the more I have wanted to change a couple of things.  Although my plans changed with my writing today, it has ended up better and I have achieved more.

You may have looked at these two pages previously and I ask you to take a look at them again.  See what you think.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed writing them today – just click on the links below:

About Me

CRPS – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

I would also like to take a moment to thank you for following my blog, and liking and commenting on my posts.