Bucket List

It has only been recently that I have thought about having a bucket list.  No I am not about to die, or at least I don’t think so. I just wanted a place to record my bucket list so I can look back in a year or two, or even 50, and see just how much I want to do in comparison to what I have achieved or done.  So here is the start of my bucket list, I have included things in here that I have done recently and were on my mental bucket list, just thought it important to record these too.  This will grow over time and I am sure there may be some things on here that I will never get to do, however having them written down will give me something to strive towards.

  • See Kate Bush in live in concert – DONE 01/10/2014
  • Race a tall ship again – DONE between 04/07/2015 and 17/07/2015 from Belfast to Norway Tall Ships Race 2015
  • See the Aurora Borealis again
  • Visit the Antarctic
  • See penguins in their natural habitat
  • Climb to the top of a tall ship mast – I got half way there on 16/07/2015 with the help of crew on Lord Nelson
  • Visit the Minnack Theatre again -DONE July 2014
  • See how much the Eden Product has changed since visiting in it’s first year of opening – DONE July 2014
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Visit the west coast of Scotland
  • Visit the Norwegian Fjords – DONE July 2015
  • Visit the Gobbins when it reopens
  • Explore the south of Ireland – been exploring a little bit, loads more to see though
  • Meet a very inspirational lady down under in person – Hayley
  • Visit the Isle of Skye
  • Visit Alaska
  • See Whales in the wild – DONE July 2015
  • Visit the penguins on Boulder Beach
  • Go to Niagra Falls
  • Road Trip across America
  • Travel on the Rocky Mountaineer
  • Travel first or business class on a flight
  • Visit the caribbean
  • Cross the equator

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