Day 6 CRPS Awareness – The reality of life with CRPS after diagnosis

CRPS awareness 2

Just like this poster by RSD/CRPS Angels – Kimberly my life was over, gone, shattered when I was diagnosed.  I lost friends, became isolated.  I fought back for a while almost like a non believer.  It can’t be happening to me.  The diagnosis is wrong!  Then I spiraled into the depths of despair.  This can’t be it.  This is my lot.  How do I live life with this pain?  I am useless.  I am hopeless.  I have no self worth.  Why would anyone want to spend five minutes with me.  My confidence was shot.  With a lot of assistance from my pain consultant and through a pain management programme I found I was still me, I had not gone anywhere.  I was not my pain.  I was not the despair I suffered.  Inside was still the woman I was before the 9th September 2008, I just had to learn to live life a little differently.  It takes a long time to process all this, it took me three years or more before I found the confidence to make a new life around CRPS.  A new life around the crutches and the wheelchair.  A new life around the pain and fatigue.  I am proud to say I did it, or should I say doing it, as even now I am making constant little adjustments.  It is not an easy ride, there are days I cry in despair.  There are days I hide the tears behind my smile.  There are days I can’t get out of bed or off the sofa.  There are also days of wonderment.  Lots of days where I have a great sense of achievement.  And days of appreciation and reflection.  This is exactly what I meant by yesterday’s post and the phoenix – I am constantly rising from the ashes of the effects of CRPS on my body.  This is all just a part of my new life.  The old me is still in there, I have just learnt to walk a different path!


2 thoughts on “Day 6 CRPS Awareness – The reality of life with CRPS after diagnosis

  1. Yes, each day is still precious. We just have to adjust – listen to your body, be kind to you, learn about your conditions. Choose a new, other life. Follow those paths now. We’re still who we are, just in another state. Hugs to you.

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