CRPS Awareness Day 2 – Colour The World Orange, plus some good information on CRPS


Today is colour the world orange day to raise awareness for CRPS by wearing the colour orange in support of CRPS sufferers everywhere.  I have very little in my wardrobe that’s orange, it’s not a colour I ordinarily wear, so I went with the closest I had, a bit of a multicoloured top, as in the picture above. Couldn’t post a full picture of me wearing it, I am so tired I look like death warmed up. It’s colour the world orange day, not Halloween! A picture of me would just be a fright to everyone!

I wanted to share with you some information about what CRPS is, what causes it, symptoms, etc, and thought I would share this link that a friend posted on their Facebook page.

One piece of advice I did notice and I wanted to highlight, was about taking vitamin C after an injury in the hope of preventing CRPS. Now there’s a vitamin that makes you think of the colour orange! Very appropriate to mention don’t you think?

If there is one thing that you take away from reading the link I think this part about Vitamin C would be that one thing.

Having suffered with CRPS for seven years and knowing how debilitating it can be, if someone had said to me back then take Vitamin C for so long to help possibly prevent CRPS I would not have thought twice about doing so. After all what harm would it have done, if anything it could have prevented seven years, and more to come, of the fiery monster! I would have preferred to have given it a try, maybe then I would not be sitting here now with the agony of CRPS and all its associated symptoms.


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