November is CRPS Awareness Month


CRPS ranks 42 out of 50 on the McGill pain scale making it the most painful chronic condition in the world and yet there is still little known about it, with very little research, along with many in the medical profession having no knowledge of what this condition is or the effects it has on a patient.  I was told once by a medical professional that they had one afternoon of training on chronic pain which included a “snippet” of CRPS, however in the whole of the time this person had been practicing (15 years when I saw them) I was the only sufferer of this condition that they had met.  He admitted to me he did not know a thing about CRPS, however by the end of my appointment he certainly had more knowledge than at the start!  This my friends is a very sorry state of affairs especially as about 5% of all accidents can result in CRPS ¹

All being well with my own health, I am hoping to post a little each day about CRPS, whether that be a full blog post or poster with just a snippet of information.  If I can just help one person learn about CRPS and what to look out for, help someone to better understand the mysteries of this disease that maybe they, or a family member or friend, have just been diagnosed with, help them to see that they are not alone with all of the weird and not so wonderful symptoms, then I will be a happy person knowing that I have helped raise awareness of CRPS.

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¹ Quote from Burning Nights

3 thoughts on “November is CRPS Awareness Month

  1. My name is Gina and I really appreciate what you’re doing here. I was diagnosed with CRPS earlier this year and I face the same challenges every time I see a doctor. When you’re sick, your doctor should be the one telling you what’s wrong, and I’ve just found myself teaching my doctors. I’ve posted below a link to my own blog, where I spoke of what it was like on the path to diagnosis. Thank you again.

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