Ahoy there – I have a very special memory stick

Memory stick

Ahoy there to all my dedicated followers – I am back.  Or should I say I am nearly back.  I arrived back on solid ground last Friday (17th July) and arrived home last Saturday evening exhausted.  Since then I have been trying to get myself straight.  You know what it’s like after a holiday – lots of washing!  Thank goodness for hubby he did most of it by last Sunday evening so that I could focus on resting and recovering from our voyage to be fit for work this week.  All that on top of an injury he sustained himself – that’s another story!  I don’t know where I would be without him – I certainly would not have been on a tall ship taking part in the tall ship races!

I kept a journal while I was away and will be publishing it slowly but surely over the next few weeks.  Some of it I wrote on my phone – until I gave up trying to write long posts with predictive text on a rolling sea – the words were all wrong.  A lot I wrote in my very special penguin pad (the penguins actually move on the cover when you tilt it).  Then there was about 4 days of the journal that I had no choice but to dictate onto my mobile phone lying curled up in my bunk – the sea was far too roly to write, plus I had not found my sea legs, or should I say head and stomach at that point!  It didn’t take long though to get my sea legs and return to writing in my pad even when the sea was rolling.

I will probably be spending this weekend sorting through all my photos on my very special memory stick – and it sure is that – a stick containing lots of fantastic memories.  It contains photos that we took and also those taken by other crew members.  I am looking forward to looking through it.  Once I have done this I plan to start publishing my journal on my blog and hopefully I will have some great photos to add to it as I go.

Thank you for staying with me whilst I have been gone and hopefully soon you will be able to read all about my big adventure which has been a wonderfully challenging achievement.


4 thoughts on “Ahoy there – I have a very special memory stick

    • Thanks. It is a beautiful town. Did you get up to the view point. I never did, there just was not time unfortunately. Weather was mostly wet, the sun came out on our last day in Alesund so we finally got to see the mountains in the distance. Did you enjoy your trip? I would love to go back to Norway to have more of a look around.


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