First day on board!


First day on board Lord Nelson

Well what a day.  Finished our packing and headed to the docks.   All loaded with luggage we wandered to the ship.  The gangway was so much more steeper than yesterday so I experienced my first pull up the gangway in my wheelchair.  There at the top was my hubby pulling on the rope with other crew members.

We were shown to our bunks which are small and neat to set about unpacking and making our beds up.  Thank goodness I packed the way I did, made things a lot easier.

We decided to go back up on deck where I proceeded to break the boat!  My crutches were on the back of my chair and the head space on the chair lift was lower than I expected!  The crutches attacked the ceiling and broke the wooden trim.  I was mortified.  I got up top and burst into tears wanting to go home.  Promptly set into the mode of I can’t do this until one of the permanent crew cane and had a chat with me and put me at ease.

We have had a safety briefing.  Then I became the victim, for the extraction crew to practice getting a wheelchair from down below and up the stairs to the weather deck without using the stairlift.  It wasn’t too bad.  Plus it gave the permanent crew the opportunity to break something of mine – the wheelchair!  Not really, they had to remove my stabilisers as they would have caught on the stairs and made the extraction nigh on impassible.  Glad to find that out now and not in a true emergency.  So I am now stabiliser free, feel like a kid who has just learnt to ride my bike and I am now riding without stabilisers.   They are remaining off for the duration of the voyage purely for safety reasons.  I have also ditched my footplates, so much easier to manoeuvre without them!

The crew have done climbing the rigging today as well.   So proud of my hubby, who was adamant he would not be going aloft, he put on the harness and went up to the Jacobs ladder and came back down.   Absolutely amazing.

I will be going up on an assisted climb however that will be towards the end of the voyage.  I was sad and disappointed I could not get up the rigging.   Brought back to me the challenge I set myself 11 years ago to get to the top of the mast if I ever sailed a tallship again.  I spoke with one of the permanent crew about my challenge and we are going to see how it goes when I go up on the assisted climb – in the wheelchair to the first crows nest then maybe an assisted climb to the second with a rope to the second.  I personally will be proud to get to the second yard.  We shall see what Alesund (pronounced Oolesund) brings!

We’ve had our dinner.  Relaxed up top and down in the bar.  Now just waiting for the fireworks before heading to bed.  Our first watch should be 4 am to 8 am, however because we are in port we may not have to do it.  Hopefully get a good night’s sleep!

We had out tomorrow and then we will be at sea for about 9 days.


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