With one day to go I could contain myself no more – had to visit Lord Nelson!

Taken from the quayside -  Lord Nelson

Taken from the quayside Belfast – Lord Nelson

Took my parents down to the tall ships this afternoon and our visit was timed nicely with the viewing time for Lord Nelson, which gave my parents the opportunity to take a look on board.    

Whilst we were waiting to board the tall ship we were speaking with a lovely young lady who was part of the voyage crew from Glasgow to Belfast.  This had been her first trip on a tall ship and the way she was talking to us you would have thought she had been sailing with Jubilee Sailing Trust for years.  She was such a great advocate for Jubilee Sailing Trust and I could just tell that this voyage has had such a huge impact on her.  She was just so bubbly and full of knowledge, along with being welcoming and helping to put my mum’s mind at ease for going up the gangway in the wheelchair.  We met other such like minded young people on board who were positively glowing and full of stories of their voyage on board a tall ship.  We were even told by a couple of the young people that we would be well fed as they had already stowed all the provisions!

It was great to step on board and have a little look before hubby and I sign up as voyage crew tomorrow.  It is going to be a bit weird going up to the tall ships tomorrow with all our baggage, stepping on board and becoming a crew member instead of just going on board for a brief visit.  I am a little apprehensive and nervous about how I will get on, however after seeing everyone on board today, their big smiles and their excitement I am really looking forward to my voyage of a lifetime.

Oh and I gave the Captain a hug!


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