Ooops! When over excitement causes severe exhaustion!

The Gobbins - tall ships

View from The Gobbins today (01/07/2015). The very faint grey blobs on the horizon are a couple of tall ships, can’t really see them on the photo however I know they were there!

Well people, today the excitement bubbled over.  Not only did I go and get my hair all chopped so it will be easier to manage on my trip, I also picked my holiday money up and this really drummed it in that I would be soon be off on my travels.  What really got me excited though was spotting three tall ships out on the Irish sea near to the entrance of Belfast Lough on my trip to the hairdressers.  I took the same route as yesterday and although visibility wasn’t at its best I was able to see them on the horizon.  Guess what?  One of them was Lord Nelson so I was even more super excited.  I know I am very sad, but I have loved tall ships since my first voyage back 17 years ago on Sir Winston Churchill and I don’t think I will lose my excitement at seeing them.  It is just my excitement is even more this year with what is happening tomorrow and then of course my voyage of a lifetime that is fast coming up.  

In addition to this I have been doing a little last minute reshuffling of packing, and I suddenly realised I only have 1.5 days left to do at work before my holidays!  Plus my parents are coming over from England to house sit and ensure my son does not starve and I am so looking forward to seeing them both tomorrow.

All of this excitement has taken its toll on me though this evening and I am completely exhausted with pain off the scale.  It comes to something when excitement increases pain levels just as badly as an increase in stress levels and stress I avoid as much as I can.  This is one of the reasons I have been keeping a lid on the excitement and not allowing myself to be too excited especially as I still had so much to do.  It was inevitable that the lid would eventually come off and I would have to go with it and suffer the consequences, and that is what I am doing this evening.  My body has already gone through an enforced shut down, I was sorting the cameras out with my son, or should I say my son was doing it all and I was just sat next to him and then next thing I was gone – fast asleep, so fast asleep I never even heard my son leave the room or the phone ring which was next to me on the bed right near my ear!  In a way going through this tonight may be a good thing, because I have allowed some excitement out it might not be so bad over the next couple of days, which will hopefully make my pain levels more manageable as I go into the weekend.

Belfast Lough

Belfast Lough looking towards Kilroot Power Station from Carrickfergus (01/07/2015). Again I know the tall ships are out there, hard to see on the photo – there are two (pale light grey blobs on the horizon) just either side of half way between the end of the land on the left and the ship (dark grey blob) on the right.


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