With only four more sleeps – Tall Ships Update

Jeanette Winterson

Super excited does not even begin to cut the mustard any more, I am way more excited than that!  I have kept a lid on it for so long especially the last few weeks with having that awful viral infection, I am finally allowing it to bubble up to the surface, and the bubbles are getting bigger and bigger believe me.

I allowed myself a little detour along The Gobbins on the way to work this morning to tall ship hunt.  However, in my excitement, I didn’t even think that I would not be able to see the sea due to the sea mist that had rolled in.  So imagine my inevitable disappointment as I drove around one of my favourite bends on the road and finally realised that all I could see was grey – grey everywhere – no sea, not even a field beyond a few car lengths.  Only one thing to do and that was to trundle on into work with the knowledge I would catch a glimpse of one sometime soon; and guess what – I did!  I saw one on the horizon out towards The Copelands on my way home from work.  That was it, the butterflies were somersaulting, and I am sure I had at least one Pterodactyl flying around my stomach!

Over the last few days I have been tracking the Class A tall ships that will be coming into Belfast more and more.  These are the ones that have made up my Tall Ships Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Most are now showing their destination as Belfast!  Some have arrived, or are nearby and others still have a way to go.  Here’s where they all are this evening –

Alexander Von Humboldt II

No update since 13/05/2015

Christian Radich

Underway using engine near Ullapool, Scotland (update today)

Cisne Branco

Underway by sail near Arklow, Ireland (update today)


Underway by sail near Oban, Scotland (update today)


At anchor in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland (update today)

Fryderyk Chopin

Underway using engine near Scourie, very far North of Scotland almost in line with the most Northerly point of the Isle of Lewis (update today)


Moored in Belfast (update today)

Gulden Leeuw

Underway using engine, not far behind Fryderyk Chopin near Scourie – very far North of Scotland almost in line with the most Northerly point of the Isle of Lewis (update today)

La Grace

Stopped in Loch Ness – obviously doing a bit of Nessie hunting! (latest update was from 26/06/2015 so she could be anywhere between there and Belfast now.

Lord Nelson

Underway using engine near the Isle of Arran, Scotland (update today)

My words when I saw where Lord Nelson is this evening “What are you doing all the way up there!”, she’s not really that far away though.


Moored in Belfast (update today)

ORP Iskra

At anchor off Bangor (update today)

Pelican of London

Moored in Liverpool, England (update today)

Santa Maria Manuela

Underway using engine off the coast of Dublin, Ireland (update today)

Keep an eye out for my last Tall Ships Thursday blog coming up on the 02/07/2015 for an uncanny coincidence!


Underway using engine near the island of Barra, Scotland (update today)

Statsraad Lehmkuhl

Underway using engine off Stornaway, Isle of Lewis – just ahead of Gulden Leeuw and Fryderyk Chopin (update today)

Tracking the ships tonight on Marine Traffic has added to the butterflies I am experiencing especially knowing that the destination they have recorded now is the port where I will embark on a trip of a lifetime and make one of my dreams come true.  A trip that would have been impossible without my family and friends supporting me all the way – whether that be braving the ocean waves to come with me as my buddy, or coming over from England to house sit and make sure the son does not starve whilst I am away.

Only a few days to go now, and a few more bits to put in the bag then I will be ready to set sail.  What seemed such a long time away when I booked the trip last autumn now seems to have suddenly arrived in no time at all.  I will try to continue to blog whilst I am away, however my signal may not be good on my mobile, in fact I think it will be very much gone especially across the North Sea and up across the top of Scotland.  I have scheduled a couple of posts that should come up in my absence and when I get signal I will post a picture or two!  I will be keeping a journal of my travels and intend to post all about my sailing adventure on my return home.

Christopher columbus


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