With 10 days to go – “Sew…” or should that be “So!”


My mum gave me this as a present 16 or so years ago – one of my treasured possessions

So, I got out my stitch box today – which has a very appropriate design, I am sure you would agree, to start some of my preparations for my trip of a lifetime.  I purchased some ribbon a while back to put on my husbands rucksack transit cover to make it easier to spot on the carousel especially as it is all black, and thought I would have a go at getting that sorted.  I just wanted it to be easier to spot at the airport on our return journey, especially as my hubby would be looking out for two bags.  There is no way I am getting near a carousel in the wheelchair – people don’t watch where they are going at the best of times let alone when they are concentrating on lifting their suitcase off the carousel.  I know as I have had one nearly put in my lap!  

If you have ever used ribbon you will know that it frays back on the cut edge – well this ribbon I have been using today has been twice as bad, it is like fine threads woven together to make a pattern (hubby chose it not me) so I have had to fold and stitch the ends of each cut edge because it would have just completely frayed.  There have been quite a few to sew as I put two pieces on the handle, one on a toggle and then stitched two long pieces along the top edge of the bag.  With the left over ribbon I made myself some tags for my sailing boots, so I could recognise them from my husbands (exactly the same boots except a couple of sizes bigger).  I also made some ties for our luggage tags for additional security in case the little belt buckle fails – didn’t want to be losing my luggage tags – can you see why!


Hubby’s bag is unique but nowhere near as recognisable as mine is! It matches my crutches nicely don’t you think!

All in all a very productive morning and a few more little jobs ticked off the list.  It is all coming together and the excitement is definitely starting to build.


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