A beautiful day for a sail


After many months without stepping on a sailing boat it was just great to be out there on the lough.  The day was absolutely gorgeous being nice and warm on the land, however I nearly fell into the mindset that it would be that way on the sea, for a moment I had my land head on and not my sea head!   Glad I came to my senses though before leaving the house because the breeze on the sea was somewhat cooler especially in the shade of the sails.   I was certainly glad I had a couple of layers on and my gloves!

I have been worrying that the trousers I bought for my tall ship voyage would be too roasty toasty for what should be the middle of summer as they are fleece lined. After today, I now know they won’t be. I forgot just how cold my left leg gets when I am out on the water especially when wearing lightweight trousers like I was today.

Well we did a bit of tacking and a bit of jibing, saw some seals sunbathing on the rocks, thought the ferry was a cruise ship (not used to seeing it from the angle we at), and had the boat heeled without panicking the hubby!  All in all a great enjoyable afternoon.

Tired, exhausted and in pain now, but definitely worth using up all my spoons for such a beautiful afternoon’s sail. Thanks to a good friend for the invite.


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