Tall Ship Thursday – meet the competition – CHRISTIAN RADICH


CHRISTIAN RADICH Photograph and Vessel information from Sail Training International

Class: A
Flag: Norway
Length: 73 m
Rig: Ship
Year Built: 1937
Home Port: Oslo, Norway
Entered By: Stiftelsen Skoleskipet Christian Radich
Extra Info: She has 27 sails –  with a sail area of 1,360 m² and runs up to 14 knots.
Further Information at: http://www.radich.no/

Where in the world is she today – Skegerak (a straight connecting the North Sea to the Kettagat area, leading to the Baltic Sea; an area surrounded on three sides by the coasts of Norway, Denmark and Sweden) underway by sail doing 3.6 knots – destination Oslo.

Information from Marine Traffic at 0915 hours on Thursday 14 May 2015

This ship has been first on corrected time on several occasions in the Tall Ships Races

More information can be found at Tall Ships Belfast

Tall Ship

Christian Radich – photograph from Tall Ships Belfast


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