Just like living with chronic pain


In recent days I have not had the time to write any blogs, lots happening at home and work, plus feeling quite exhausted from pushing myself.  However when I saw this I thought it very appropriate to post here on my blog.  I thought it to be such a perfect and positive way of describing what it is like living with chronic pain.


3 thoughts on “Just like living with chronic pain

  1. It fits perfectly Nicky, thank you. Sorry it’s taken me a while to find your blog – I bookmarked Elle & the Auto Gnome yesterday & have been a long time follower of Hayley on Rellacafa. Fine inspiration indeed! My husband is into sailing so I might show him your blog then read the CRPS bits for myself.

    Gentle hugs from one spoonie to another, Nat


  2. It’s interesting that you posted this because I have bee in a flare up this past week attempting(not really succeeding) to write my next blog post and it is about–Waves! Based on being at the beach a few weeks ago 🙂 Hoping you have lower pain days soon. Sending a gentle hug 🙂

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