Unlock the Mind


I decided to join up with the Writing 101 course to help develop my skills in blogging.  I want to learn a bit more, want to improve on my writing skills and share my work with like minded others.  Due to being busy I have only just read the first email that came through from Writing 101 and it was about free writing for 20 minutes.  Mind block already. 

What do I write about?

What should I say?

Do I say it is a beautiful day out there!

Do I say that the birds are singing!

Do I say my body hurts all over!

I don’t honestly know what to write, I just know that I need to write for about 20 minutes and I am only 3 minutes into this challenge and my mind has taken a complete holiday!

I am relaxing in my bedroom at the moment with the sun streaming through the open window.  The noises around me are so relaxing to hear, with the birds singing, distant cars, the occasional dog barking and child shouting.  I find where I live is very peaceful, at night sometimes the only sound you can hear if it is a still, calm, wind free night is the blood rushing through your ears.  That was quite a change to what I was used to in my last house, living on a busy road that was a main bus route also.  So it really is nice to sit and listen to the birds sing rather than the engine roar of a bus going by, or the sirens of an emergency vehicle.

It is warm out there again today.  Nice to see on a bank holiday – usually it would rain.  We are so lucky to have had such a nice Easter break, I have managed to get a few things done and hopefully this afternoon my husband will be putting up some new trellis in the garden.  Which reminds me I also have a load of fence painting to do in the garden at some point in the next couple of weeks.  Also some serious pruning of a Hebe bush that has grown so big it is taking over one section of the garden and cutting light out from my vegetable beds when the sun is low in the winter sky.

I enjoy my garden, I enjoy the peace and tranquility it offers, I don’t enjoy the hard work – especially now with my disability, everything is 10 times harder than it used to be when I could nip out and do loads in a morning, whereas I do a couple of hours now and it totally wrecks me.

My garden has been developing over the last 10 years, what used to be a huge slab of concrete 40 feet by 40 feet at least and housed a massive run down garage is now a lawn – or rather my shabby excuse for a lawn.  It is a bit weedy and mossy in places, with a few daisies here and there dotted about.  I like the daisies – it reminds of the front grass at my nan and granddad’s in Scotland.

I used to love tending my lawn and getting rid of the weeds, making the grass look good, however my priorities have changed over the last 6 years to keeping the weeds out of my borders and vegetable patch – I don’t have the energy for lawn tending, I can’t even cut it anymore and have to rely on my hubby and son to do this – no more straight lines made by the mower!  I am grateful though to them for there help, they both do a great job in keeping the lawn low.

Well I am now 16 minutes in to my 20 minute writing challenge and you have got a bit about what I am doing today, and a bit about my garden and I am stuck with writer’s block again – this is actually more difficult than I thought.  However it is good for the typing skills!  The fingers have been going ten to the dozen to throw my thoughts out there onto the screen.

Will it be good enough to publish?  I don’t know.

Will I look back at it and go what on earth have I written? I don’t know – I daren’t look back at the moment – I have 2 minutes typing time left.

What else shall I write about?

Nothing else at the moment as my 20 minutes of free writing has just ended.

6 thoughts on “Unlock the Mind

  1. This was a lovely piece 🙂 Really loved how you described your day (made me feel awkward about my own writing skills) 😀 Anyway, it sounds like such a beautiful place where you live. ❤


  2. This is a great post. While you talk about gardening as you main theme here, you’re also telling us snippets about you. You’re leaving us wanting to know more. You’re offering questions, for which we want to find answers to. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the course. Now I feel like I need to explore your blog, to find out about your illness and find out more about you and what you usually write. You’ve done a really good job here 🙂


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