Happy Easter


This picture reminds me of my house rabbit, Slippers!

I have had a lovely Easter with my family.   Started off out in the garden just before 8 this morning.  Managed to weed part of a very weedy border.   Wrecked myself in the process, however it was definitely worth it.  This part has only been glanced over the last few years as I usually start the other end of the border and by the time I reach this section I am usually exhausted.  So it was nice to really get into it and give it a good gut out – couch grass is such a pain, not half as much as mare’s tail which tends to invade my vegetable area.  Whilst I was weeding, slowly moving around on a chair, my hubby was finishing cat proofing my raised veggie beds. 

Although the sun was well hidden by the clouds and there was a mist in the air it was still relatively warm.  If it is too cold I can’t do things in the garden as it makes my pain worse, it was really nice to be out so early and not have increased pain from the cold, only from overdoing it!

It was a lovely morning for bird song and there were a fair few visitors to the garden including our rescue dove who isn’t as timid as most, and very inquisitive.  In amongst the bird song there was the eerie periodical blast of the fog horn.  One thing I have realised since becoming disabled, and having to take frequent breaks when gardening, I appreciate my surroundings more.  Taking time to breath in the fresh air, taking in the smells of the earth and plants, watching the insects scarper when I inadvertently disturb their homes, and of course listening to the sounds around me.

Apart from being in the garden this morning I went on to have a busy day – lunch out with the family, then a short stroll down at the local harbour.  My husband and I spent some quality time sat on a bench on the harbour wall, chatting in the warm sun, watching the sparkles dance on the sea, whilst soaking up the wonderfully warm rays.

It has been a great day spending quality time with the family and getting lots done too.  All in all, quite the perfect Easter Sunday, and a day I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I hope you that you have had a perfect Easter Sunday too.

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