A little behind!


Hello to all my followers on WordPress, Twitter and Facebook, and of course those that stop by every now and again for a little catch up.

Thank you for taking the time to pop along to read my blog, leave comments, click the like button and for sharing my blog with your friends and followers.

I wanted to let you know I am a little behind on the blogging front at the moment, usually I have my Sunday, Monday and Wednesday blogs set up a couple of weeks in advance.  However due to being a little busy on the home front, enjoying precious time living in the moment with my husband, and ensuring I take enough rest as per the doctor’s orders a few weeks ago, I have not had as much time to sit and write.  So please bear with me whilst I get my blog back into order and start posting again.  I am here, I have not gone anywhere, and still intend to blog as much as I can!


4 thoughts on “A little behind!

  1. Resting is more important than a couple of blog posts, people that read your posts will understand.
    If I can’t blog I put a simple one saying Flare up be back soon or something like that.
    Rest up and I look forward to your next post xx

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