Monday’s Minions – My Someone!


I am lucky that I found this “someone” 19 years ago, I never thought it would happen and I have been totally blessed with my life and my marriage.  Yes, we have had our ups and downs, our good times and bad times, our arguments, we wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t, however we always come out the other side stronger as individuals and stronger in our marriage.  My “someone” has stood by me, held my hand, and has whispered in my ear when I have been sad or lacked confidence or just needed that little nudge in the right direction; or even just to show and tell me he loves me.  My “someone” is my rock, my anchor, and my World.  I could not imagine life without him, in fact even thinking about it scares the hell out of me.

Where he is my “someone”, I am his and I love him so dearly!


6 thoughts on “Monday’s Minions – My Someone!

  1. I’m the same way with my “someone.” I don’t know what I’d do without him! After we first married, we went through some really rough years, but now we’re doing so well together and I’m so thankful we held on and found our happy, together place. He, too, is my rock and I am his. We are very blessed to have these good husbands! 🙂

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