Watch out for the low flying lap top – OR – when computers go wrong


I am the kind of person who uses computers, however if something goes wrong with them then I am lost.  I just like to press the buttons and do what I need to do.  Trying to fix them when error messages come up is just not my style.  I like to click and play, this setting up malarkey, or trying to resolve issues that crop up from time to time is a bit above and beyond my skill level, so you can imagine my pride when I fixed my virus scanning software when all it would say is ‘Error your computer is not protected’.  Every single time I clicked the switch on box, it turned the software on for a brief second and immediately switched it back off.  

OK, what has changed since I last used the computer – updates.  You know those long winded things that happen as you turn your computer off and they pop up again the next time you turn it on.  They are essential, I know, but can be a right pain in the bottom to someone like me when they go wrong. So for about half an hour I have been trying to get my computer to be properly protected when all of a sudden a message in my virus software popped up ‘downloading updates’. “Why couldn’t it have said this earlier?” I thought to myself and then “Phew, maybe this will resolve the problem!”.  As luck would have it, it did.  I now have a fully functioning up to date computer that did not take a flying lesson out of the nearest window, although it was coming close!

I say I fixed it, really it just fixed itself!  Shhhh don’t tell anyone though!


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