Wednesday’s Word – Frigorific


adjective: (frig-uh-rif-ik)

  • causing or producing cold


When the fog reached the spot where the observer stood, it was found to be devoid of smell, but its influence was decidedly frigorific.  R. Angus Smith, “A Curious Fog” Popular Science Monthly, August 1875


Frigorific is derived from the Latin word frigus meaning “cold” with the last element -fic coming from the verb facere, “make, do.”  It entered English in the mid 1600s.

My Thoughts:

CRPS can be positively frigorific – it makes my left leg feel like it is stuck in a bucket of ice.  This happens whether it is winter or summer, or if I am in a hot or cold environment, even sitting with my leg under a warm blanket can make no difference to the freezing cold pain of CRPS.  Last year’s Ice Bucket Challenge would have been frigorific to those taking part – giving a very brief idea of this kind of pain.

All I can say is I am glad this winter has not been too frigorific!  Yet! and I hope it stays this way!

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