Penguin Awareness Day


Credit for photo goes to the crew of Lord Nelson, original photo can be found on Jubilee Sailing Trust Facebook Page

As it is Penguin Awareness Day I couldn’t help but share a photo that was posted on the Jubilee Sailing Trust’s Facebook page today especially as it has three things I love in it:

My all time favourite bird – a penguin

A tall ship – which is the very same one I will be crewing in the Tall Ships Race 2015 – Lord Nelson

The Antarctic

The Antarctic, in a tall ship, to see the penguins and to tread in the footsteps of some famous explorers would be my ultimate voyage. Way, way up there on my bucket list.


4 thoughts on “Penguin Awareness Day

    • I was devastated that I could not go on the voyage for personal reasons at the time. If Jubilee Sailing Trust ever return (which they may as I have made those enquiries but they don’t know when) I fully intend to make sure nothing holds me back unless my health is really failing by that point.

      I couldn’t miss penguin awareness day! I wouldn’t be a true penguin if I did (although my predictive text first word was pain instead of penguin – that may be true too!) 🙂

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