Feeling a little like Dorothy! Ponderings during a storm

Weather map

Weather map from Northern Ireland Weather

I live between the 2nd and 3rd orange line from the top

Sitting here at 9 pm, waiting for the hubby to arrive home from work and the wind is howling around the house, or more accurately growling around the house in a tumultuous temper.  Ever so often there is a wild and noisy gust that feels like it will shake the house from its foundations and send it flying into the air, me within like Dorothy, off to see the Wizard of Oz. Oh think of the possibilities – I could meet the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion for a lovely walk along the yellow brick road and finish the day by chucking a bucket of water over the wicked witch to finish her off once and for all! Then tap my red shoes together to return right on home.

I do digress though, I love that film and nights like this brings the imagination to life.

The lights, they too are not living up to the strength of the wind, flickering like candles in a drafty room.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there are power cuts somewhere in the UK over the next couple of days

Storms always seem worse at night when you can’t see the damage they are wreaking.  It sounds angry and wild out there, I can hear the trees and bushes rustling; visualising them leaning right over as the gusts batter them.  I just have to hope that they are all still standing in the morning.  I love my garden and the maturity of the shrubs and trees, I hate to see them torn up by the wind, I have lost a couple over the years and where they stood looked empty for a long time.

One of my most precious items in the garden – is that of my greenhouse.  It has survived a 350 mile move from Worcestershire to Northern Ireland across the Irish sea nearly 10 years ago, and the storms that have come and gone here ever since.  Every time we get weather like this my heart is in my throat until I walk into the garden the next day to check that my sanctuary is still in one piece.  I have been lucky and I hope I remain so.

The forecast does not look good for the next couple of days with forecasters predicting damaging winds with two storms hitting the UK.  The first one moving in tonight and early Friday with gales and storm force winds in the far north, the second moving in later on Friday and into Saturday with more widespread gales and a risk of gusts over 80mph for Shetland.

My dearest beloved has just walked back in the door and I know he is safe.  That is always my fear with storms like this, that someone I love will be hurt or injured whilst travelling a necessary journey.  He has just told me that some idiot on the road has put their recycling bin out – oh what rubbish will be flying about down my lane when that gets turned over by the wind – if that is the only damage in these storms then I will be one happy lady.

Stay safe tonight people, don’t put yourself at risk, and stay away from coastal areas where high over-topping waves could be a risk to personal safety.

Considering I started the day with no inspiration – I certainly ended it with some!

Where are you in the world tonight and are you being effected by any bad weather?  Why not leave a comment


4 thoughts on “Feeling a little like Dorothy! Ponderings during a storm

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  2. When I lived in Queensland we used to get walloped by severe tropical storms, I used to dread them. They’d screw trees out of the ground, unroof houses and, where I lived north of the New South Wales border, one particular storm demolished seven houses on the valley floor. I was very glad to move away!


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