Christmas Shopping, Baking, and Forgetting to Pace!


Well, what a day.   Definitely did not use the art of pacing today!  There is always so much to do at this time of year, from shopping, to baking, to going out with friends and family.  I started out with good intentions and I am pleased to say I succeeded with almost all of them, however I am suffering now with pain and exhaustion!

The biggest task to do today was to go Christmas food shipping.  The last Saturday before Christmas is always so busy it is off the scale.  It is bad enough trying to get round on two legs without using a wheelchair.   Well I am pleased to say most people were having a lie in this morning!  A surprise, and a really good one at that.

We were the only ones in one of the main supermarkets at just gone 8 am; and the other, at just gone 9 am, was like a normal Saturday shop.  I was all done and home by 11:30 am with everything bought that was needed all bar a couple of general household things that the hubby went back out for because I could do no more.  I am glad we went early – good choice of fresh produce, able to get parked in a blue badge space and we didn’t have to endure relentless and rude crowds of people who think the shops are closing for a fortnight and they will all starve until they do reopen!

These are the very same ones that look at you in the wheelchair and mutter under their breathes ‘should they be out!’  Well maybe that’s not what they say aloud, however you just know from the looks on their faces this is exactly what they are thinking.

I am glad to say I only had one clash with another shopper.  Or should I say he had a crash with me.  I have asked Santa to bring that man some manners!

Sitting at the till he just rammed his trolley straight into the footplate of the wheelchair, the very same footplate that supports my CRPS leg (which is very obviously the bad leg as I wear an Aircast Boot).  The very same leg that only needs a breath of air pass over it to make the pain soar, well you can imagine what the bang and jolt did to my leg, let alone the rest of my body that I suffer pain in; and not even an apology or an acknowledgement that he had even hit me. He is probably the type of person who bangs his car door against other people’s without consideration for the damage caused!

I can’t believe I remained calm through the pain and only uttered under my breath ‘an apology would have been nice’ when deep down inside I wanted to shout ‘am I invisible’, ‘I am not another shopping trolley to bash against, I am a human being’, ‘this wheelchair is an extension of my body, it is not acceptable to punch me so why is it acceptable to whack into me with a trolley’,along with ‘ouch that bleeping (insert relevant swear word/s) hurt’.

I suppose I ought to be grateful that I was not moved by others when looking at the shelves, like a discarded trolley! That one really does get on my nerves – would they physically lift me if I was just stood there browsing … no … so what gives them the right to push me out of the way in the wheelchair.

I think it is testament to my strength of character that has developed over the years of having CRPS that I was not more vocal with the trolley bump, also it shows I can self calm and even meditate through such an encounter, knowing that to work myself up about it would only increase the pain and send me into a spiral downhill, which would have been hard to climb out of, especially as I had so much to do today. However, the encounter still increased the pain and prevented me from completing my shopping trip.

Thank goodness for a caring husband who drove me home, made me lunch, then went to the last shop to finish shopping (bearing in mind my nearest large shopping area is 15 miles from home, so that was a 30 mile round trip!).

This enabled me to rest, be still, and find some of those beloved lost spoons that spilt out across the supermarket’s floor when I was hit by the trolley. Also so I could have the energy to orchestrate the baking of two gluten and mostly dairy free chocolate cakes this afternoon. I didn’t do much really towards the baking, my son did it all, including tidying up, after the obligatory licking of the spoons and bowls. All I did was crack the eggs, directed the order in which to do everything in, gave advice and moral support, then laughed when he had chocolate all round his mouth. From this I now have two chocolate cakes that are like deliciously dense and rich brownies. One for work on Christmas Eve, the other in place of Christmas pudding.

So all in all, a very successful day which would not have been possible without a certain two men in my life – my husband and son. Now time to get some good rest before I go out tomorrow for a spot of carol singing in a local club and then afterwards a meal. Tomorrow is total rest and do nothing until it is time to go out so I am not wrecked for work on Monday.

Happy Christmas preparations folks, I hope they go as smoothly as mine have for me today.


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