CRPS Awareness


I look at pictures like this and think ‘how can someone survive living with CRPS’, then I think to myself that I do!

It can be hard to accept the never ending relentless pain from CRPS just in the one limb, it is even harder to accept that it can affect other parts of your body.  This I am learning all to well – from stomach issues,to sensitivity and pain in my left arm, and that is alongside my original site of CRPS in my left lower leg.  The eyes in this picture are particularly poignant as I do get very irritable eyes and I did wonder if it was connected.

The human body when you think about it is a wonderful machine.  It’s just a shame we can’t change the broken and damaged parts like you can on a car!

Wishing you all a low pain day.  I know it can be hard however try to keep smiling.  A smile is good for you and for those around you too.


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