Four trees, four days and an empty spoon drawer


I did it!  Three days and four trees decorated.  The fourth day (today) has been total rest!  Will this be enough to gather enough spoons to see me through a busy week at work.

Thursday began with what I call my Pink Tree – decorated in different shades of what I would call old fashioned pinks and gold.   This tree started from a small two foot wall hanging half tree and my collection of decorations grew because I loved the colour scheme so much – it now stands pride of place in my living room.

This tree should not have taken more than a couple of hours to do however we had a bit of a Christmas tree light nightmare.   One set worked when they were tested however subsequently failed when they had been painstakingly strung on the tree.   Hubby, dear love him travelled the 20 or so miles to get another set.   Brought them home, checked them – they were white – strung them on the tree and they shone blue!  Not a good look with a pink themed tree.  So off he toddled back to the shop to exchange them for another set.   By the time he got back we gave up for the day and started afresh on friday.

On Friday we completed the Pink Tree decorating.


We also did the Brown Tree.  This artificial tree is an ancient little fellow having been in the family for over 20 years.   It is a little threadbare but I still love it and the funny memories it invokes of trying to push a pushchair and  balancing a Christmas tree box to get home.  It went into retirement about 12 years ago but came back out of retirement few years back to become the Brown Tree – decorated in earthy autumnal tones of brown, bronze and gold.  Most of my  contribution to the decorating was done from my wheelchair the rest was sorted by my hubby.


Saturday came and I thought I could not bare to do another tree.   I was tired, I was exhausted (especially with the impromptu visit to the GP the day before) and all I wanted to do was sleep.  Me being me though, I refused to give in to my body half way through my mission of getting the house ready for Christmas, so up went tree number 3 (traditional red and gold and homemade decorations) in the dining room.  Again my fabulous hubby put it all together for, me and strung the lights as per my instruction, and I added the finishing touches of hanging tinsel and baubles mostly from sitting on a chair.  Some of the decorations on this tree are little treasures such as my glass bell and little Christmas cutlery set, and some could never be bought like the star and boot my son made in his early years at nursery and school.  It was worth the effort to get this tree out just to see these little treasure troves of memories.


After this there was only one small tree to go.  Thinking we have come this far what’s another half an hour going to hurt and up went tree number four – gold and glass – and boy don’t those little solid feeling glass baubles go with bang when dropped!


Since this little tree was finished all I have done is rest.  The additional pain brought on by struggling to do things like this makes you wonder was it worth it.  Was it worth the tiredness and inability to do anything afterwards and I can definitely say it was – the trees are already giving pleasure to other members of my family and most of all they make me feel that I can still make a valid contribution to family life.  What I can’t definitely say though is whether or not I have gathered enough spoons to get me through a busy week at work, only time will tell with this.   What I do know is that I have hidden a spare spoon on the Christmas tree in case I run out!



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