CRPS, My Toolbox and The Princess in the Tower


For a long time now I have “liked” the Princess in the Tower Facebook page.  They also have a webpage too.  Both of these pages are very informative, positively written and hold useful pieces of information to help those coping with chronic pain, whether that be CRPS, Fibromyalgia and/or other chronic pain conditions.

Today I came across a brilliant piece of work on their page about CRPS, which focuses on the way a sufferer of CRPS can help themselves, and felt it would be good to share on my blog.

Having had CRPS now for 6 years I have learnt that to enable me to live some semblance of life I need very much to help myself and not rely on others to “cure” me.  I have attended various sessions for physio, mindfulness, relaxation, hydrotherapy plus others, along with appointments with my pain consultant, orthopedic surgeons, pain management team – the full works.  At first I thought they all held the cure to my pain and would often come away from appointments disappointed that my pain was not getting any better.  It took me a long time to realise that others can only teach me the tools to manage pain and it is up to me if I add them into my Toolbox!

A lot of the techniques and ideas in the blog are the tools I have in my toolbox to help me cope with and manage my pain – it really is a great read – punchy and to the point with lots of very useful and usable pieces of information if you are suffering CRPS or any other type of chronic pain.

One item on the blog, which always gets me time and time again is the McGill Pain Index and where CRPS falls against other painful conditions – scary to know that each day I go through pain similar to that of childbirth but in my left leg!  This Pain Index really puts the pain I suffer into perspective for others and also for me, especially as I so often try to dismiss and play down the pain I am in.  What surprises me even more is that by using techniques and the tools from my toolbox I am able to manage this level of pain and enable myself to function to some degree.

Mcgill Pain Index

Really what I am trying to get across, especially to those who suffer with chronic pain – learn to help yourself, learn the tools for your toolbox to enable you to cope and live with the pain and most of all try to live your life to the best of your ability now and not what it was or could have been.  I am a great believer that your life is mapped out for you from the day that you come into this world and things happen for a reason – they may not be obvious now, however one day you will look back and know why!

Bye, bye for now


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